We hope you found our last post on MCQs for PSLE Science useful and that you’ve been practising. We turn our focus now to the open-ended section. As with the MCQ section, there are also common problems that we have seen students struggle with over the years.

One area that frustrates many students (and parents) is when students have spent considerable time revising, find the paper manageable during the exam and yet do not score well especially for the open-ended section. Very often, the reason for this is that the students end up earning only partial marks for many questions. In the following examples, we look at 3 reasons why students end up earning only partial marks for questions.

Are these the kinds of mistakes that are costing you marks? If your answer is yes, then what you have to do is to be extra careful when doing the OE section of your PSLE Science paper and ensure that you don’t repeat these mistakes. Underline the key words in the question so that you don’t miss anything out and always ensure that you answer the question fully.

OE_reason 1_TSC

OE_reason 3_TSC

OE_reason 2_TSC