Have you ever suffered from bedbug bites? Count yourself lucky if you haven’t.  Many still live with the misconception that bedbugs are a problem for the developing world or are a thing of the past but even big cities like New York City are increasingly having bedbug infestations, particularly in their hotels.

Bedbugs have several adaptations to enable them to combat the power of insecticides. First they have the ability to secrete substances that can partially digest poisons making these poisons harmless.  They also have the ability to push out poisons that have entered their thick outer shell.

Recent research has shown that bedbugs can very quickly develop resistance to new insecticides that are used to try and wipe them out. Typically, new insecticides that have been created to get rid of them become ineffective within the span of slightly more than one year. Looks like we have a huge problem trying to get rid of these tiny pests!